You know the joke about how many clowns can fit in a car? Well, this may be better.

Someone took this video of a group of kids wedged onto a motorcycle like beef on a kabob.

Obviously, this isn't safe. Remember when you were a kid and how uncomfortable it was when you tried to ride with your friend on his one-seat bike? Yeah, this is about 100 times worse than that.

The motorcycle has speed, which can cause injury. It's also carrying a lot of weight. Sure, they may be kids, who are lighter than adults, but there are eight children perched aboard here, like stowaways on a sinking ship. It's amazing the ride hasn't tipped over and the kids' bodies haven't zoomed across the road like they're on some sort of hardscrabble slip 'n slide.

Are they going to school? Are they going to the movies? Are they going to a motorcycle dealership so they can buy another bike so this one isn't so crowded that people with claustrophobia feel threatened.

The answer to all of those is probably "no" and it doesn't really matter. What matters is the people in the car who captured them on video really ought to offer them a lift. No matter how small that car may be, it's bound to have more leg room than anyone on the motorcycle has.

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