Buffalo Alive is all new! Yasmin Young from the 2 To 6 Takeover (M-F, 2-6 PM) and Gibbs catch up with Lockport's MMA Champion Joe Taylor (Son of a Legend) before the debut of his pro fight on May 14th! He shows Yas how to do some moves! What a time to B. Alive!

During the seventh episode of Buffalo Alive, Yasmin Young and Gibbs catch up with Lockport's own MMA champ, Joe Taylor! Yas and JSteel check out Buffalo's historic Colored Musicians Club and Museum. KB performs live, the Food For Thought program makes pizza and more!

Time markers for each segment are below (if you want to watch specific segments):

00:00 - 00:23 - Intro
00:24 - 04:08 - MMA Champion Joe Taylor (Son Of A Legend)
04:09 - 04:28 - Buffalo's Charter School Fair
04:29 - 06:07 - Colored Musicians Club Museum
06:08 - 07:22 - Dudes On Instagram Be Like (Stalkers) Skit
07:23 - 09:09 - Colored Musicians Club
09:10 - 10:00 - KB Live At Hip Hop Explosion
10:01 - 11:23 - Making Pizza W/ The Food For Thought Program
11:24 - 11:34 - Credits/Thank Yous

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