According to the NY POST M Michael Nolan, 59, of Freeport is the BIG DUMMY of the night. Michael, showed up at court drunk for a status conference on an August aggravated-DWI charge in which he had allegedly registered a 0.28 blood-alcohol level, more than three times the legal limit.

Court officers and other staffers noticed that Nolan who also has a misdemeanor drunken-driving conviction from 2004 stank of liqour and appeared unsteady on his feet. At the DA’s request, a cop was assigned to tail Nolan leaving the courthouse, after his case was adjourned to a future date. Nolan walked to the parking lot, hopped in his blue 2008 Toyota Tacoma and began driving away. The tailing officer pulled Nolan over a few feet down the road and arrested him on a fresh drunken-driving charge.

What kind of Big Dummy goes to court for a DWI charge drunk. At least if he was going to go drunk he should've tried to mask the smell. This is and incredible display of stupidity, the judge should just make him sell his car. That way he can drink as much as he wants to and not feel the need to drive.