Are you serious? Luther “Uncle Luke”, “Two Live Crew” Campbell is considering running for Mayor of Miami. During an interview Luke stated “If Carlos Alvarez gets recalled, I will seriously think about running for Miami-Dade County mayor, and should I win, I would make everyday I am in office a reality show. Everyday, Miami-Dade residents will have transparency in the mayor’s office.” There have been efforts to recall current Mayor Alvarez since December 2009, and a date has been set for March 15. Initially, there weren’t enough signatures. The Miami native was honest in a recent local news interview stating. “if I decide I will get into politics, I have no problem addressing the many controversies that have been a part of my life, I will have no problem answering questions about the negative side of my life. I look forward to my opponents digging up every wrong thing I have done. I’ve been a successful businessman in this community for years, I was born and raised in Miami-Dade. No one can question the love I have for my home county.”

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