The worst drink I have ever tasted in my life. When I first moved to buffalo I couldn't wait to eat the wings, they are great. Also other local favorites like Jim's Steak Out, La Novas Pizzeria, Anchor Bar etc. Buffalo has some the best food in the country. I've got to pump the brakes on one Buffalo classic. Its all over the hood, its in the grocery stores and the restaurants. This Logan berry drink, is the absolute worst thing I have ever tasted in my life. It taste like syrup, or nasty fruit punch.

The minute you say this to anyone from Buffalo, they immediately say "your bugging". If Loganberry was so great how come it never has made it out side of Buffalo ? I had to do some research and find out what it is. Loganberry is an actual berry, a hybrid made from accidentally crossing a raspberry with a blackberry. Pepsi-Cola bottles and sells the well known brand Aunt Rosie's Loganberry, which Buffalonians swear by and have been able to enjoy in both bottled and syrup jug form. Although it may be a Buffalo classic I'm not feeling it. They must've put something in the water to make people like this drink. Here are some of the post from instagram that I received after I posted my disgust at Loganberry. What do you think about Loganberry ?