Lockport schools are not playing any games anymore with security measures.

Next school year, Lockport schools will have in place the kind of security software used at airports, casinos and sensitive government installations. whoa I never been to a school in lockport but I'm sure the buffalo public schools can use this as well. (No shade)

Facial recognition and tracking software will add an unprecedented level of security at the schools. District officials have decided locked entrance doors, bullet-proof glass and sign-in registers at the front desk are not enough.

Who Knew they already had bullet proof glass! This is really all knew to me.

Lockport Superintendent Michelle T. Bradley said:

"We always have to be on our guard. We can't let our guard down,That's the world that we're living in. Times have changed. For the Board of Education and the Lockport City School District, this is the No. 1 priority: school security."


"Lockport will be the first school district in the world with this technology deployed," said Tony Olivo, an Orchard Park security consultant who helped develop the system.

And Depew schools want to install the same system, as soon as a state funding request is approved.

Could this be the new wave for security for the school systems?

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