Get ready to welcome Khristetta into the world, because Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are officially expecting a daughter this July.

Kim confirmed the news on Sunday's season premiere of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians,' which other people mercifully kept up with so you didn't have to.

“I’m so excited we’re having a girl. Who doesn’t want a girl? I think they are the best,” Kim told the cameras, adding that she knew Kanye truly wanted a girl -- even though only boy names have been floated thus far.

Kim had her baby shower the same day as her announcement and Kanye, busy trying to project his face onto various buildings, couldn't attend. (Or did he?)

PEOPLE reports that the couple has known the gender for months, but -- even though we've known it's a girl since February -- they went to extensive lengths to hide it until someone was tape recording.

“We buy all white,” Kim says. “Or we’ll go and buy both [male and female clothes], and then no one will know!”

Except of course we know, because it was foretold in West 4:20: Lo, the heavens shall unearth unto you a daughter. And we shan't sayeth she's a gold digger.  Forever and ever, yeezylujah.

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