For years in the Entertainment circles in Buffalo NY people have voiced their opinions on how Buffalo has so much talent but no one from here can "Make It". Well Keyz showed the World the exact opposite. Ironically on my mix-show "#TheBlackOut with @DJBandanaBlack" last night I was firing off some new records from Multi Platinum artist Fabolous from his latest release "Summer Time Shoot Outs" and WBLK'S own DJ Big Rob says to me "Yo Black you know Keyz from Buffalo produced that right?". I was shocked which led me to do a little research on Keyz The Producer and if I may so my self Keyz has been putting in a lot of work in the industry. He has done work for everyone from Rihanna to Diddy. I think his accomplishments should be high lighted and celebrated from the City that he came from. His story is definetly motivation for anyone from Buffalo trying to make it to that next level. he found something he loved and put in the work to get to where he is at. I always use the model "Life Is What YOU Make It - SO MAKE IT !!!" and Keyz is a perfect example of doing just that, I wish him much more success in this Industry.


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