The Waffle House can be a go-to dining destination, not just because they serve fire breakfast all day, but there's also the possibility of witnessing a rapper fight a dude. That was the case this past weekend, as TMZ has obtained footage of Juvenile swinging on another patron over a comment he said to the New Orleans rapper.

As the story goes, Juvie was in a South Carolina Waffle House Friday night (May 13), when a customer, seeing the rapper enter, allegedly said "Juvenile here, here come all the hoes now." There with his girlfriend and posse, Juve didn't take too kindly to the comment, interpreting it as disrespect directed toward his girl, and as the above surveillance footage shows, proceeded to deck the guy right by the counter top.

Juvenile was in town for the Legends of Southern Hip Hop tour, and left the scene, as did the other customer, before police showed up. No report was taken as no one was there to file a complaint.

Rappers have made news at Waffle House before, with Tate Kobang shooting a recent video there, and DMX, in 2011, literally mopping the floors in a (likely separate) South Carolina location. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were photographed there alongside John Legend and Chrissy Tiegan early last year, proving that truly anything can happen at Waffle House if the timing is right. Catch Juvenile's altercation in the video above, and be careful with what's said to rappers, no matter the time, setting or menu.

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