This weekend, the Juneteenth festival took place in Buffalo. This was my first Juneteenth in Buffalo, and all I have heard is horror stories. All this weekend, I was told by everybody I came into contact with not to go to Juneteenth. But I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so I went anyway.

When I went (early) Sunday afternoon, I didn't see all the violence and rowdiness that people complain about. I did see a lot of black-owned business vending and people having a good time. I also saw a lot of fathers spending Father's Day with their children. Maybe I didn't go at the right time to see all the chaos that everyone spoke about. If their was some chaos it seemed as if every police officer in Buffalo was there to take care of it immediately.

Shout out to everyone I met, and everyone who went out to have a good, peaceful time at Juneteenth.