Friday Night was a TRIUMPHANT night for the 4th Consecutive Juneteenth Festival of Buffalo, Inc.

I hope that everyone in attendance not only enjoyed themselves, yet understands that this successful fundraiser is one of many to come. Held at the convention center, over 200 people gathered to wish Juneteenth a Happy Celebration! From political to the WBLK representatives and all in-between, this was the place to be. 
Queen City Pop Up Vendor Yar Mo’s Muse was a Fashion Demand with Live Mannequins and  Decades of Fashion examples. Even the Community's Daughter took part in the fashion portion, dressing in Victorian style clothing.
This year marks the 40th Consecutive year for the festival with so much more to offer as we transition to prepare for the festival on June 13th and 14th at MLK Park. Look for WBLK to give you more highlights as we follow the Community's Daughter to the festival and beyond. 
What a hit!
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