We all know that the fans and Bills Mafia love our franchise quarterback Josh Allen but it seems he has a lot more fans.

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Just last week Josh Allen had the best-selling jersey in the entire county of Canada! Of course, he does have an advantage over many other NFL players because Buffalo is sometimes considered Canada-lite and there are plenty of Canadian citizens that are Buffalo Bills fans.

If you search Bills Backers that there are plenty of Bills Backers clubs in the Great White North.

Montreal Buffalo Bills Backers

Niagara Bills Backers

Ottawa Bills Backers

Burlington Bills Backers

St. Catharines Bills Backers

Barrie Bills Backers

The Midtown Toronto Bills Backers

Buffalo Bills Laval Chapter

Bills Backers of Guelph Ontario

52nd St. Toronto Bills Backers

East Coast Bills Backers - Fredericton Chapter

Vancouver Bills Backers

Bills Backers Canada 

Toronto Bills Backers

817 Sports Bar & Grill

With that many clubs full of Bills Mafia you know there are plenty of #17 jerseys in those bars and restaurants.

Josh Allen was #1 in jersey sales and he was followed by Tom Brady, Mac Jones, Patrick Mahomes, and LaMar Jackson who round out the Top 5.

Allen who was 2nd in last season's MVP race is on pace for another great season. Thru 7 games so far this season Allen has thrown for 1,972 yards, 17 touchdowns (A perfect number by the way), and only 3 interceptions. His overall QB rating for the season so far is 103.1 which is the 2nd highest of his career so far.

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