Some lines from a new song off Quavo and Takeoff’s new album have some people convinced Huncho is spilling the tea about Saweetie sleeping with Offset behind his back.

On Friday (Oct. 7), Quavo and Takeoff dropped their debut album as a duo, Only Built for Infinity Links. The LP features a song called “Messy,” which finds Quavo rapping lines some people are convinced indicate his ex-girlfriend Saweetie slept with estranged Migos member Offset.

"I said, ‘Caresha please’ 'cause she too messy (Woo, please)," Quavo raps on the DJ Durel-produced track, a possible reference to Saweetie's recent appearance on Yung Miami’s Caresha Please podcast. "Bitch fucked my dawg behind my back, but I ain't stressin' (Not at all)/You wanted the gang, you shoulda just said it, we would have blessed it (You shoulda just said it)/Now shit got messy (Uh)."

Of course, social media had a field day with speculation that Quavo was referring to a tryst between Saweetie and Offset.

"The rumors about offset & saweetie been going around all year & now Quavo calling offset unloyal and saying saweetie fcked his dawg behind his back basically confirms it😭😭that’s so messy. Not only are u cheating on ya wife AGAIN, but this time with ya cousins girlfriend," one Twitter user posted.

Others assumed the person Quavo is talking about is Lil Baby, who Saweetie was rumored to be with shortly after she and Quavo broke up.

"Quavo did cheat. Saweetie messing around with Lil Baby. The Shade room got the receipt. It's not Offset lol. He's a married man. Leave him alone," someone else tweeted.

Not everyone was sold on the song being a true revelation.

"The reality of that Saweetie situation is most likely, Quavo is being spiteful and capitalizing on a social media rumor because he don’t fuck with Saweetie or Offset anymore and it’s creating traction for that song," another person commented.

Saweetie and Quavo dated for three years before calling it quits last March. During her appearance on the Caresha Please podcast last month, Saweetie skirted directly answering if infidelity is what ended their relationship.

"You know, I think the past is just the past and I've moved on since then," Saweetie said. "I think we had a lot of, like, growing pangs together."

The status of the Migos has seemed to be in limbo since May when Offset unfollowed Quavo and Takeoff on Instagram and Quavo and Takeoff began performing as a duo. Offset has also announced his own solo project, which is dropping in November. During a new episode of the Big Facts podcast with Big Bank and DJ Scream, Quavo and Takeoff addressed the status of the group.

"I just feel like we want to see our career as a duo," Quavo said. "Because we came from a loyal family. [We] supposed to stick together. Sometimes when shit don't work out, it ain't meant to be."

"We just stand on loyalty. We stand on real-deal loyalty," Quavo continued. "This aint got nothing to do with no label, no paperwork, no QC, no nothing. This something to do with three brothers. It is what it is. Right now, we gone be the duo ’til time tell."

Listen to Quavo and Takeoff’s New “Messy” Track and Peep the Reactions Below

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