DJ Quik went ballistic on some Twitter trolls in a series of offensive tweets.

On Friday (April 14), DJ Quik jumped on his Twitter account and called out a troll who posted a photo of Tracee Ellis Ross who dressed up like DJ Quik for Halloween. The person jokingly captioned the photo, "New album cover?"

The joke didn't land correctly for the Compton, Calif. rapper-producer and he blasted the troll directly.

"Perhaps, but I was thinking of having your momma gagging on my d**k, while she’s in black face. Cool, right?" Quik tweeted.

Things then escalated when two other trolls decided to harshly critique Quik's classic 1991 song "Quik Is the Name."

"Sorry this is wack as f**k," one troll commented about the track.

"You wack as f**k. Suck a d**k or sumn dumb n***uh," Quik retorted before delivering another acidic tweet at another troll who described him a "below average rap/producer."

"I'll slap the s**t outta you,” he wrote, before concluding: "Ima learn you 'thumb' gangstas today."

Hours later, Quik appeared to have calm down and, apparently, somebody at Twitter stepped in to help the legendary producer handle trolls on his timeline.

"Let’s see if I can get verified now." he tweeted before acknowledging Twitter's assistance. "Yes, @twitter. Please filter My notifications. Thank You. -Quik," he wrote.

"Thank You @Twitter," Quik added.

DJ Quik then tweeted, "I just took $50,000 in cash to a restaurant to buy $200 worth of food," before concluding, "Wish I could say how I really about U."

After his Twitter tirade, one thing is clear: DJ Quik is an artist who is very sensitive about his s**t.

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