Police in Upstate New York say they've arrested three teens - two of them minors - after an unsettling incident was reported involving some esteemed local wildlife.  The incident happened in Manlius, about two hours west of Albany, and involved some beloved local wildlife.

Police in Manlius allege that three teens are to blame for a missing mom swan and her 4 babies in which they killed the mother swan, named Faye, and took her babies.

In a sordid plot twist, police allege the teens brought the large bird back to their aunt's house so they could eat it.

3 teens arrested thanks to concerned citizens

According to police, citizens in Manlius (just outside of Syracuse) were on high alert when after a notice about the missing Manlius birds over the weekend.

The police were tipped off that two of the baby swans were seen at a store in a nearby town, and a worker inside the store confessed to taking part in the swans along with the two other teenagers, police said.

The remaining two swans were found at the first suspect's Syracuse home, according to the source.

Famous Swans

These swans are famous in that area, and according to Eerie News Now, they have been a part of this village for well over 100 years, and the swan mother, named Faye was killed over Memorial Day weekend in the pond, and her 4 babies went missing.

Faye and her family swanned about in the village pond and each spring hatched and raised cygnets for 10 years according to the source.

The young swans will be cared for and returned to the pond in a few weeks when they are old enough to survive on their own.

The arrested teen was seen smiling

Two of the suspects, aged 16 and 17, were released to their parents because they are juveniles, police said. The third, whose name is Eman Hassan, 18, was arrested yesterday by Manlius and is awaiting arraignment

The following video was taken on Tuesday and it shows a smiling Eman Hassan being arrested by Manlius Police for killing Mama Faye and stealing her four babies.


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