It looks like Mother Nature has remembered that it is winter here in Western New York.

The above-average temperatures we have had over the past couple of weeks are now gone and the snow is moving back in later tonight and through the next 48 hours.

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A major cold front will move across Western New York this evening and that will change the rain we have into the snow.

  Some parts of the area could see anywhere between 2-6 inches of snow by the time the front moves out of the area.


The good news is that if you are headed to the Bills playoff game on Sunday at Highmark Stadium, there will be a good chance of sunshine. It will be cold with a high around 33 for kickoff, but at least we will have some sunshine.

We won't stay dry for long. More wet weather is expected around Tuesday with scattered rain showers impacting much of Western New York. That will continue thru Wednesday with some snow for next Thursday.

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