We are a couple of days past Mother's Day and moms all across the world are looking at the gifts their kids gave them and wondering "WHY???"

If you were one of those moms, would you return the gift and get something that you like? This happened to my wife several years ago. I got her a gold necklace with a heart and a mom and child holding hands. Our son Avry was 8 at the time and he picked it out for her.


What he and I didn't know is that my wife doesn't wear gold. She is allergic and only wears platinum jewelry. So when she opened the box she told Avry she loved it.

I told her to take it back and swap it for a necklace she would actually wear, but she said "No Way" She said she couldn't take back a gift her son gave her. Even if she would never wear it. That was 10 years ago!

I think that if you are a mom and your child gets you a gift that is the wrong size, color, or type of metal you should be able to exchange it for something that you will wear.

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You can easily explain it to your child and it will be even better since you would actually wear it.


We asked moms if it was "tacky to return a Mother's Day gift" and here is what they said. Do you agree or disagree?

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