These new taxes in New York State are ridiculous. City of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown has proposed a 9% residential property tax increase and that's not the only tax that's coming.

The new hotel tax trend has nearly completely taken over New York State. Buffalo was the last major city in New York State holding out on the tax and although it is delayed a bit, it the 'bed tax' is coming to Western New York as well. Keep in mind, this is in ADDITION to New York State sales tax.

How does Buffalo's proposed 5% tax hold up against the rest of the major cities in New York State? Here are the taxes.

  • Albany: 6.5%
  • Rochester: 6%
  • New York City: 5.875%
  • Buffalo: 5%
  • Syracuse: The Syracuse Common Council is considering supporting a 2% hotel tax in the city. The city's tax would be on top of the 7% hotel tax imposed by Onondaga County.

Technically, Buffalo has approved the bed tax for the 2025 fiscal year, but it looks like it will not be implemented any time soon. The bill did not get a sponsor in New York State in time before the budget was due. It is expected that in late 2025, the hotel 'bed tax' will be in place in the City of Buffalo.

The hotel bed tax across the United States has really become a common and beneficial tax that cities have used in order to generate tons of money for their budgets. Only temporarily in New York City was the bed tax paused for a few months in 2021.

READ MORE: Air BnB landlords in New York State also have some new rules that they have look out for. The biggest change in 2024, is that owners are not allowed to keep cameras INSIDE of their house again. As of right now, the hotel bed tax does not apply to Air BnB guests.

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