The weather was nice yesterday in Western New York.  A lot of people got out to enjoy it.  Some saw this fish and they were wondering what it was.

Mysterious Fish In Boston Pond

If you were at the Boston Pond yesterday in Boston, New York, you may have seen something that looked a little eerie.  What people are describing is a fish that seemed to be feeding at the top of the pond as a shark would.  Both the dorsal and the tail fins were both clearly visible.

It really did look a lot like a shark that was just cruising for its dinner.  My sister-in-law sent me this video to show what it looked like from the bank.

You may have seen one of these fish before

What Was That Fish?

Without pulling it out of the water, you can't really be sure.  However, it definitely looks like a grass carp.

What is a grass carp?

Grass carp are freshwater fish that are actually part of the minnow family.  They can grow up to about 5 feet long so they get to be pretty big.

However, unlike a shark that might be hunting for food at the top of the ocean, grass carp are not dangerous.  They aren't looking to eat you.  They normally stay at the bottom of lakes and streams to eat aquatic vegetation but will sometimes come to the top to feed too.  So they're big for keeping algae and weeds from ponds and streams here in Western New York.

Remember when they had these at Darien Lake?

If you ever sat outside the Giant Ferris Wheel at Darien Lake while having a snack, you may have noticed these in the lake there.  Only there, they called them "Sharps."  The story was that they were half shark, half carp and they were discovered by biologist Houk Lynensinker in the 1950s.  But if you read that biologist's name, he might not be the professional that you're thinking he is.

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