There are now 4 towns where you can openly bring your beer outside of a bar or restaurant and drink. Lancaster has made the decision to get rid of the law banning open alcoholic containers starting March 19, 2023.

Ironically, that is the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Buffalo this year, one of the biggest drinking days of the year.

Can you drink in public in Lancaster? Where else can you drink in public in Western New York? Here are the towns in the Buffalo area where you can drink alcohol in public.

  • East Aurora, New York
  • Evans, New York
  • Lakeshore, New York
  • Lancaster, New York

Lancaster passing this new measure is big for the businesses, especially the bars and restaurants in the Village. Lancaster hosts some seriously big events outside and in downtown Lancaster that will be extremely beneficial for small businesses. Recently, New York State awarded Lancaster a massive grant in order to help with its revitalization and growth.

Now, Lancaster just needs to get a few more bars/restaurants in the Village. Right now, there is a wine bar, a mead bar, and a pub very close proximately to each other. There is a big addition going in later this year. Fattey Beer Company, which has taken Western New York by storm, will be opening up a location on Central Avenue (in the former toy store location).

Lancaster Bar, Restaurant and Apartments For Sale

$335,000 for the long-time Lancaster, New York place.

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