Look at this map of the 3.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Western New York this morning around 6:15 AM. You can see where the earthquake originated from in West Seneca based on where the red star is. From there, you can see the different colored squares that indicate how the earthquake felt in each area.

At the strongest point in Western New York felt a LEVEL 5. Level 5 is considered MODERATE on the scale and appears green. Moderate would be the West Seneca and the Lackawanna area along the lake. From there, most other spots in Western New York felt levels 2 - 4, which are marked as weak and light shaking.

The United States Earthquake tracker says "M 3.8 - 2 km ENE of West Seneca, New York". Apparently, this is the largest earthquake ever felt in the Western New York area in the past 30 years, at least.

In Canada this morning, they also felt a 4.2 seismic activity earthquake at 6:15 AM.

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