There are so many local restaurants and businesses where you can have an enjoyable time with your family, friends, and your significant other. 

Fortunately, in Western New York, there are tons of events and fun things to do in the area, and if there happens to be a “shortage of fun,” you can usually drive somewhere relatively close for a day trip to do something unique. 

One couple decided to go to a local restaurant that many New Yorkers who have traveled out this way have probably heard about. 

The Country Club Family Restaurant in Medina, NY is one of the best diners around. Not only do they have incredible breakfast options, they also have delicious soups and great dinner options, such as a pulled pork platter, hamburger stroganoff, roast pork, stuffed chicken, and more! 

Unfortunately, the Country Club Family Restaurant encountered a situation this week that no locally-owned business looks forward to dealing with: a case of the dine & dash. 

A couple came in for breakfast on Tuesday morning, and they left without paying for their food. 

Thankfully, the Country Club Family Restaurant has surveillance cameras, and they got a picture of the dashers.

After over 800 shares of the original post, it appears that law enforcement has caught the couple. 

The Village of Medina Police Department commented on the post, and they said, “The Medina PD is aware of these individuals and this situation and arrests have already been made.”

Small business owners chimed in, saying they believe the same couple dine & dashed at their restaurants not too long ago – including the owner of Somewhere, a bar and grill in Youngstown, NY. 

Hopefully the arrests make them reconsider dining without being able to pay. 

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