If you live in this Western New York town, you may want to check your ring cam footage from last night.

While most people were sleeping, a man was pretty busy running up and down one street attempting to break-in several cars in the area. 

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Around 2:38 AM, the alleged criminal was caught on camera checking car doors on Argus Dr. in Depew, NY. A woman shared her ring cam footage of the guy on the Lancaster/Depew Neighbors Helping Neighbors Facebook group, along with a description of what happened in her driveway.  

“This guy came on my property and checked my car and ran,” she wrote on Facebook. “It was locked but if anyone wasn’t so lucky on Argus dr, you can have my video.”

The guy didn’t stick around long after he realized the car doors were locked, which makes it seem he was attempting to steal the vehicle rather than steal the belongings inside of it. 

The Buffalo area has been a huge target for car thefts over the last few years. In 2022, the police department reported via the Buffalo News that there were 1,393 vehicles stolen. 

By 2023, that number nearly doubled to 2,885 stolen vehicles in Western New York alone.  

It’s scary to think that the car theft problem is continuing and at such a rapid rate. All you can do is control the controllables: keep your car doors locked and charge your ring cams.

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