The winter weather will be on its way soon here in New York State and you better be ready at the house. The weather can change quickly and the snow and ice can pile up fast and heavy. Being prepared may help you from being stranded or stuck at home.

The busy travel time is also coming. The TSA predicts a record number of travelers will pass through airports this Thanksgiving and the roads will also be crowded. The rain is moving in and then the colder air.

If you grew up in New York State, you have been told every year to get ready for the snow. Get the snow tires on, have more than a half tank of gas in the car, and keep food and blankets on hand for emergencies as well. But after the snow falls and the work begins, here are 7 items that will help to clean it all up.

The 7 Best Winter Tools For New York State Homes

The 7 Best Winter Tools For New York State Homes

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

There are some reports that a big snowfall is coming for the Holiday week.

Enjoy the weekend and maybe set some time for winter weather prep.

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