So as Im on twitter today I began to see words exchanged between Ms CiCi and Ms. RiRi

In the words of ray ray down that street "See what had happened was"

Ciara was invited to be a special guest on  Joan Rivers "Fashion Police" show on E!  While on the show Ciara was asked to judge one of Rihanna's outfits, during that conversation she mentioned how her last run in with Ms. RiRi "Wasn't so pleasant" and then the Cat Fight Started....

Rihanna tweeted commenting back  if she forgot to "tip" Ciara the last time they met.

Then Ciara told Rihanna that she didn't want ANY of her, "on or off stage."

Then  Rihanna went for the knock and shared with  Ciara "good luck trying to book a stage."  Clearly these are fighting words due to the fact that Ciara Album sales are not that great.

I'm sure the way this all work they will issue an apology to each other, kiss hug and make up..But ummm why even go this way?

I really don't understand why celebrities take to twitter so quickly to air stuff out. It seem so childish to me.  Do you think Ciara should have made such a statement? Or do you think RiRi took it too far? What do you think?

Check it out!

Ciara On E!