When it comes to sports, a lot can change in just a few seconds.  Just ask Jett Malczewski who was able to do something most pros never have.

If you're a sports fan, you know the feeling you get when your team is down and you're just praying for a miracle.  You watch every minute of the game right to the very end because you believe that "anything can happen."

It's why coaches tell their players to never give up.  Because it's true.  Anything can happen.

That was certainly true for Iroquois student Jett Malczewski who was able to score not one....not two...but three goals in just 23 seconds in a game against Amherst on Monday night at Harborcenter.

“The energy from everybody from coaches to my linemates and teammates was amazing. The atmosphere was great. My passes from my linemates were just perfect. … Everyone was like, ‘save some goals for me.'” - Jett Malczewski

Amherst and Iroquois were tied heading into the third period.  That's when the flood gates began to open for Iroquois.

Click the tweet to see all of the goals.  Everyone was set up by team captain Sam Staerker.

What is the fastest natural hat trick in history?  Well in the NHL it was 21 seconds back in 1952 by Chicago Blackhawks Forward Bill Mosienko.

What's the record in high school?  It looks like they're looking into it now.  If the professionals did it in just 2 seconds shorter, it wouldn't be too far of a reach to guess that this might be the new national record.

Either way, congrats to Malczewski and his teammates, not only for the hat trick, but for the win.

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