Yo Supreme:

I’ve been kinda kickin it with this female about 7 months, and we have been talking about like really becoming a couple. She is a really good catch she’s got her own stuff, apartment, car, and no kids. I guess one of the reasons she is not my woman is because it always seemed like she was hiding something or I felt there was another man somewhere in her life. She is always back and forth to Atlanta.

Check this out, my boy was on the internet looking for girls for a bachelor party for one of his co-workers and he found a picture of her on an escort service site. He sent me a link to my phone and said this girl looks just like *****. With out a doubt its her on that page and all the time she has been telling me she selling purses, and accessories online. Now mind me she has purses and stuff all over her apartment.

So I busted her out and she said that girl on that website didn’t look nothing like her. But what she didn’t know is I joined the website under another name and email address and she had already sent me an email with her number. I cut her off right away and now she is calling me and talking about she is ready to change and she needs me for support to help her through this.

Do you think I should help her out? She did hide the truth, but I do like her.