Why spend your time looking for ‘the one’ when you might be the one for you?

Introducing ‘I Married Me' -- a self-wedding in a box. Yup, it’s a kit enabling you to marry, well, you.

The box comes with your choice of gold or silver ring, as well as “ceremony instructions, vows, and affirmation cards (one bold reminder of your awesomeness for every day of the week).” And, at $300, the box is a whole heckuva lot cheaper than a big, glitzy wedding where the singer of the band is still clinging to the hope that his cover of 'Celebrate' will land him a record deal.

Ironically, the idea behind I Married Me comes from married couple Jeffrey Levin and Bonnie Powers. Levin said, “'The more you love yourself, the more you are able to love others.” Sure, just keep telling yourself that while you honeymoon on your couch with a half-eaten Domino's pizza during a ‘Will & Grace’ marathon on Oxygen.

Of course, marrying yourself does come with its advantages. Here are just a few:

  • No fighting over in-laws
  • No messy prenup
  • No need to throw out furniture the other person finds hideous
  • No antiquing on weekends
  • No more terrible blind dates
  • No ugly accusations of infidelity when the marriage hits the skids

Levin and Powers are looking for your help to fund the idea. So far, they've brought in more than $6,000 out of the $10,000 they would like raise. You know an even better way to make money? Get married to an actual person and throw a wedding where the guests give you big, fat checks.

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