Old playground equipment is the source of high levels of lead detected at Chestnut Ridge Park.

The Buffalo News reports lead was detected on pieces of old slides and swing sets at five county parks, with 22 pieces of "decades-old" playground equipment located at Chestnut Ridge in Orchard Park.

"Paint samples from a dozen old slides and swing sets submitted for lab testing by the Comptroller's Office found 11 had levels that exceeded safety standards. Paint samples from five pieces of equipment had lead concentration levels that exceeded 10 percent," reports the Buffalo News.

Health Commissioner Dr. Gale Burstein says there have been no cases of children sickened by the old playground equipment, where lead is found in the many layers of peeling paint on the equipment. However, Dr. Burstein has assigned "a health inspector to work with parks employees to test all equipment and shelters in all county parks with a lead-detecting X-ray gun."

Dr. Burstein told the Buffalo News, "Outdated equipment found to have lead is being removed."

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