Where is Odin?

Although this post is designed to solicit help in finding 9 Month-Old Mastiff, Odin, I'm also hoping he's already been found.  The fact that Odin is an English Mastiff Dog, according to News Reports, and easy to see because of his size, the average person might be leery of approach.  That's just challenge #1.

The 2nd challenge is an unfortunate one for Odin, as he is deaf and cannot hear.  Click on the 'Full Story' News Report button below for instructions from Odin's Owner as to how to call Odin.   The owner never leads on that Odin is aggressive at all.  Wikipedia says that Mastiff Dogs generally have a 'gentle demeanor', however one should use caution as Odin, or any dog who has lost its way may be afraid and defensive upon not knowing you.  Animal Control can be reached by dialing 911.

The 3rd difficulty in finding Odin has to do with the weather...and yes it is cold and that's concerning, but also challenging is differentiating Odin from the snow, as Odin is an all-white dog.  Owner Heather Kelly, according to WGRZ, described Odin:

"He's about 80 pounds, he's a mastiff, he's all-white, he's completely deaf and he's special needs," said Kenney.

The News article suggests that If you have seen Odin or know his whereabouts, there is a $200 reward and you are asked to call Heather at (716) 560-3562.

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