Is pee-wee football OVER THE TOP?

A new television reality series called "FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES" is under the microscope as it FINALLY exposes what really goes on at the pee-wee football level. The program focuses on pee-wee football in Texas and claims that Texas football is the most intense regarding pee-wee football.

I beg to differ, having seen...first-hand in my own neighborhood..."little tykes" as young as 10 years old coming home after dark wearing football equipment, playing under the lights, playing on Sundays, parents fighting at games, and coaches instructing the little ones as if it's Big Games Sunday in the Professional Football League.

The videos online regarding the "FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES" TV program have gone viral after two of the coaches featured in the program have been suspended for urging the little tykes to "Go For The Head" and promoting the use of profanity among players.

In my opinion, pee-wee football is WAYYYYY OUT OF HAND nationwide, and the "FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES" reality series is a prime example of what's happening all over the U.S.

What's your opinion?