Online dating sounds easy, but one man found that it is a jungle for the fairer sex.

British comedian Sy Thomas, 36, didn't exactly set the world on fire with his profile on Tinder, so he thought, "What the heck? Why not become a woman and see how I do on the social platform?"

Thinking he might pick up a few tips from some guys hoping to make an impression with him -- ahem, her -- he went all out and created a profile.

And how did he do as a woman? Really well. He got 400 messages in three days. But because men are men some of the messages he received were crude and looked like they're ready made for the next edition of "Lame Pick-Up Lines No One in Their Right Mind Would Use to Seduce Women in Real Life."

Thomas told Mashable he found the whole experiment to be enlightening and that he's stunned men would actually send such vile messages. "I just can't understand how men can think it's a good idea, or what they expect to achieve by it," he said.

Hmm, men who are desperate going to such depths to talk to a woman? What could they possibly want in return? We can't imagine.

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