Well this one is for the books somebody’s grandma went crazy up in a North Macon Cheddar’s (Restaurant) and attacked an African-American woman, who was not only pregnant but also a solider as well!

Granny Judy Tucker was charged with battery for her careless actions.

Judy was out here telling false facts to authorities, claiming that one of the women “grabbed her and scratched her arm” and she was just “upset with a woman who was taping her and tried to grab the phone.”

Well thats not how it went at all.

The victim, Stephanie Mitchell, told police that they were backing into a parking space when granny’s son, Robbie Tucker, approached them and told them they need to learn how to park, and took it a step further by calling them “dumb b*****s.

“He called the two women, who were in military uniforms, ‘Black lesbian b*****s,’” according to the report. “Stephanie tried to calm the situation down but that’s when the two groups started arguing over the cell phone video. After Stephanie said she was pregnant, granny lunged and struck her in the face.”

The video proved that granny and her son were lying and she was arrested and later released on a $650 bond.

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