Rapper Freeway is tonight's Big Dummy of the night. Jay-Z was in Philadelphia with Mayor Nutter and several other business men/women to announce the Made In America concert coming to Philadelphia. Jay-Z was on the stage doing his thing showing love to the city of Philly when Freeway decides to come up on the stage with Jay-Z. Jay-Z politely patted him on his back and whispered in his ear sit yo a$$ down. That's exactly what Freeway needed a good dose of sit yo a$$ down.

Those days of Roc-A-Fella are over, that was was great time in music history but Jay-Z has moved on to do other things. Those things don't include anybody who he was on Roc-A-Fella records with (Kanye West excluded). If Jay-Z wanted the pople who he signed to his label from Philly up there on the stage with him I'm sure he could've got in contact with them. This is hilarious to watch Freeway play him self in front of an audience you can almost see the emberassment on Jay-Z's face. Welcome Leslie "Philadelphia Freeway" Edward Pridgen into THE BIG DUMMY FILES.

Fast forward to 5:52 to see Freeway make a fool out of his self.