We're usually hearing about Free Backpack Giveaways for students but this school year has been like no other EVER and it's not certain as to when and how our kids will return to school.  Governor Cuomo is scheduled to make that announcement today.   Despite the uncertainty regarding kids going back to school, the Allentown Association is not waiting until then to think about our kids.

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As this summer continues to see kids out of school and Recreation Centers are closed as well, kids still need some activities to replace what would normally be a full day of interaction in school.  The Allentown Association is being very creative and instead of offering Free Back-To-School Backpacks for kids, they have teamed up with the likes of Project Play WNY, The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation and Victory Sports, according to WGRZ News, and are going to be giving away FREE SUMMER PLAY PACKS tomorrow (Saturday, August 8, 2020) via a drive-thru at First Presbyterian Church, near Kleinhans Music Hall. The Free Summer Play Pack giveaway will take place between 10 am  12 noon or until all the Free Summer Play Packs are gone.

According to WGRZ News,

The organization has packed 200 backpacks full of sports and other outdoor play items as a way to help kids stay moving this summer.

The Free Summer Play Packs will probably be a hit with kids because they won't contain notebooks and pencils and rulers, rather they are al packed with stuff kids can have fun with outdoors.  


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