Generation Z will do anything for attention!! The most disturbing "challenge" I've seen on Facebook is not only stupid but incredibly dangerous. Check out the #FireChallenge video inside.

Back in 2012, this guy started the challenge by lighting his chest hair on fire with a match. But today, kids are taking it to a whole other level, using flammable liquids like alcohol or acetone to set themselves ablaze.

There are reports that at least one person has DIED from his injuries, and others are scarred for life!!

Parents, PLEASE be aware of what your kids are doing "for the Vine," "for the 'gram" and for Facebook likes. If you see these videos on YouTube, give them a thumbs down and show these people that this and all dangerous challenges are not cute, funny or encouraged.

Other "challenges" to beware of are the #SleepChallenge, #CinnamonChallenge and #SaltAndIce challenge, which quickly causes frostbite-like injuries. Everyone who does these types of challenges does not consider the consequences; they are only concerned with gaining Internet fame. SMDH!!

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