Today tens of thousands of people will play the Mega Millions lottery in hopes of winning a share of $600 million and FINALLY be financially free. Truth is, Abundance is our birthright! There is only one reason a majority of America is living in debt and poverty... The "Powers that be" designed it that way. But soon their reign will end and Prosperity will trump poverty and THE PEOPLE will be empowered to make good with the wealth we receive! Watch the Video Inside

The following text was written on March 30th 2012 by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy. Pay close attention to the way you FEEL when you watch the video and read this text. Try not to let your ego get in the way of discovering the truth. But of course if this information does not resonate with you, you are more than welcome to dismiss it.

Peace and Love, Jazzy T

The work of the Light has brought you to the moment when a great prosperity is to sweep through your societies. This prosperity heralds a series of governmental changes which will enact, among many things, the legal basis of your freedom and individual sovereignty, accompanied by an official proclamation of this. It is a historic moment.

Presently, we are moving through the final days of the ultimatum that is forcing the dark cabal and its die-hard adherents to resign their public and ministerial offices. These coming official 'resignations' will signal the start of the process of a vast conveyance of power from the dark cabal to the agents of the Light. This process also parallels an immense transfer of money throughout your world. During this time, many banks will change hands from the cabal to delegates of the Light. In charge of these complex transactions are various elements of our secret sacred societies. In effect, a new financial system will rise up out of this change in bank ownership and it will be based on new gold-backed currencies.

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