My fiancee and I would love to buy that dream home one day, and while we do have a budget, it's easy to get carried away with some of the amazing homes for sale in Western New York.

One of the top things on her list of "wants" for a new home is a beautiful kitchen. Enough space; an island counter; stet-of-the-art appliances; hardwood floors; high-quality counters and whatever else may be on there.

There's no shortage of beautiful kitchens in Western New York. From the City of Buffalo to the northtowns and down to the southtowns, there are plenty of choices.

One home located on Middlesex Rd. in Buffalo has a huge kitchen with a modern, yet homemade feel about it.

Another on Chestnut Ridge Rd. in Orchard Park is all about the clean look with huge walking room and has a very "expensive" feel about it.

There's also home on Hillsboro Rd. in Orchard Park that doesn't look like any other kitchen in Western New York.

One of my favorites is a home located on Donnington Rd. in Clarence that has a sleek and polished touch. Stunning.

The last two are both on Galileo Dr. in Williamsville, and they might be the nicest of the bunch.

Check out all the gorgeous photos, courtesy of Zillow.

Explore The Most Gorgeous Kitchens in Western New York

We're loving these kitchens here in Western New York.

Rent An Island In WNY

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