We all have that one ex that just won’t let go, but this one is definitely one for the books! A Kansas woman was suspicious that someone had broken into home and later found out that it was none other than her ex lover!

According to NY Post, Salina, 23, called the police to her house after finding the front door chained from the inside out! Authorities searched the house but didn’t find anybody up in the house.  but check this out haha Two hours later, the women and her current boyfriend heard a loud noise and found her ex boyfriend hanging partly from the living room ceiling. Her ex, Tyler Bergkamp, was hiding up in the attic on some chill vibes.

Salina’s current boyfriend pulled Tyler’s leg through the ceiling and put the paws on him.

Tyler faces several charges from aggravated burglary and criminal threat.

Fellas what are you thinking hiding in an attic? This remind me of the movie Obsessed with Beyonce and Idris elba lol

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