I just took a listen to Drake's new album and I'm feeling really in touch with my feminine side tonight. Drake must have wore panties the whole time he was writing this album he even addressed it in a interview with GQ magazine:

"I wish that we lived in a time and a generation where people would stop viewing my honesty as overly emotional. People always act like I spend my life crying in a dark room. I don’t, I’m good. I’m a man."

Now there is nothing wrong with having loving messages for women in your music, I encourage that but Drake just seems like a SIMP. (Don't know what that means google it). I think Drake is a dope lyricist but, he just seems SOFT. Lets take a look at some of the lyrics that officially hand Drake, his simping card.

  • “F-ck that n-gga that you love so bad. I know you still think about the times we had.” - Drake (Marvin’s Room Lyrics)

This comes from the biggest player haters anthem of all time. This guy really called up his ex girlfriend talk about her new man..... How lame can you

  • “It must be hard to be that fine when all these mothaf–kas wanna waste your time. It’s just amazing, girl, and all I can say is I’m so proud of you.” - Drake (Make Me Proud)

Really who sits up and thinks about stuff like this.

  • “Are we acting like a couple? I’m just trying to get it straight. ‘Cause I’m over here convinced that it’s too early for mistakes.” - Drake (July Lyrics)

I think Drake sits in his room with a bowl of ice cream painting his toes as he writes his rhymes.

  • “They say real girls ain’t never perfect, perfect girls ain’t never real.” - Drake (Celebration Lyrics)
Drake probably used to write anonymous letters to females in high school with XOXOX at the end of signature.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with being in touch with your emotions or being sensitive. We live in world were there is a abscence of black male role models. You have one extreme where your just so GANGSTA that you have know emotions, then you have Drake. There has to be some kind of balance in hip hop. Check out the new Drake video that i found online below LOL. Drakes isn't bad but I just can't get with the sensitive raps. If you want to win his new album make sure you register to become a WBLK MVP