Jeremy Kappell, according to his FB Page seems to THINK..along with about 1000 'ASSUMING' Supporters of his ... that Dr. Bernice King, in the video below, exonerates him from any intent or wrongdoing in uttering the word 'Coon' in the midst of reporting the weather, relative to Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Park, the other day.  However, this is not completely accurate.

Dr. Bernice King, instead. states that she does not believe the meteorologist should be Fired...rather, she says, he should be rehabilitated.  That's like saying a person mistakingly drank Gin out of a Pepsi can, thinking it was Pepsi and should go to Rehab because they have a drinking problem.  Rehab suggests FIXING or CHANGING something that will continue to malfunction unless it's fixed.  But how do you REHAB a one time mistake?  Well, you don't ... because it's a mistake.


She ends by saying he needs to make an effort to ensure something like this doesn't happen again...HOW???...if it's a mistake based upon the type of work this person does?  When I'm on the radio and I'm running my mouth, off the top of my head, barely able to THINK about what I'm saying, and I come across some words such that, if I'm talking fast and miss a letter in one of the words or cut a word short, the combination could come out as 'BITCHING' when I'm really trying to say 'been itching' ... (which I have NOT been btw)

Anyway, listen, Dr. Bernice King has to be hurt by what she had to have heard her Dad called many times as a young even trying to be objective, regarding this, has to be difficult...she is so used to the phrase being used intentionally in a derogatory manner.  So not knowing Jeremy Kappell, she could not just give him a pass while deep down inside she probably thinks there was more to the blunder than it just being a blunder.

The bottom line in all of this, and what it reveals, is that we have a serious problem in the United States when it comes to Race Relations.  When a person is not allowed to make a mistake when speaking ...or at least given the benefit of the doubt that they've made a mistake ( specifically when Racist word is uttered), it's an indication that African-Americans just do not TRUST a White person's INTENT, and even ASSUMES there is one.  I don't need to do a dissertation as to why or how that could possibly be.

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