Chris Hansen may no longer be catching predators on NBC, but the Greenville, SC police department is setting to sting operations to curb underage drinking. Officers posted an ad on Craigslist inviting adult men to a party hosted by a 19-year-old girl. In order to gain entrance to this party, the men must bring alcohol. Once they handed the liquor to the 19-year-old decoy, cops came through and arrested the men and charged with transferring alcohol to a minor. Twenty men were arrested.

There are two groups of BIG DUMMIES tonight. The men who were arrested are obviously. Here is a general rule when it comes to conducting illegal activity online, its not a good idea. All evidence is right there in writing. The second group of BIG DUMMIES is the Greenville, SC police department. Was there no other crime going on in Greenville that night ? They set up a sting operations for adults to bring other adults (18+) liquor. I know underage drinking isn't a good thing but there are other more serious crimes going on where this police energy could have been spent. How about using these same police to set up a road block to catch both over age and under age drunk drivers ?

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