Tuesday night shortly before midnight, Barack Obama won the presidential bid for another four years and will remain in the White House. Obama won the electoral vote and the popular vote by a narrow margin. Obama won 303 of the electoral vote, and Mitt Romney won 206 of the electoral vote.

Many anticipated that Mitt Romney would win the popular vote and Obama would win the electoral vote, but Obama won both. When Donald Trump first found out the news he went on a Twitter rant.

As of 2:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday (November 7), Obama had widened his popular vote lead. He now leads 60,193,076 or 50.4 percent to 57,468,587 or 48.1 percent, with nearly all precincts reporting. Still no official word yet, however.


Donald Trump basically made him self look like a idiot because he posted his angry tweets before all of the popular vote was even counted. What person in their right mind would think they would be able to count ALL the votes in the United States of America in a matter of hours. Just FYI, four presidents were elected after losing the popular vote.

  • John Quincy Adams in 1824 (Andrew Jackson won the popular vote. Jackson also led in electoral vote but did not get the required majority so the House of Representatives decided the election.)
  • Rutherford Hayes in 1876 (Samuel Tilden won the popular vote)
  • Benjamin Harrison in 1888 ( incumbent president Grover Cleveland won the popular vote)
  • George W. Bush in 2000 ( Al Gore won the popular vote)

I think Donald Trump is still mad about President Obama roasting him.

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