Buffalo New York has some of the most talented artist in the world and DJ Bandana Black has been apart of pushing that to the masses for a few years now. Known around the City as the go to guy for anything pertaining to the local music scene, DJ Bandana Black & BFA Productions just released the highly anticipated mix-tape "City On My Back" aka #COMB. Showcasing some of the great talent we have here in Buffalo, this release features some names that have been buzzing for a while and also some new artists that will actually shock you when you hear the talent. Buffalo you should be proud of all the hard work these artist put in and help support them.

The only way for our artist to Blow like other artist from other cities is if the people here really support them so not only should you download this free release but also make sure you keep up with all the local music and showcases in Buffalo. And this is just some what of the beginning as far as these mix-tapes, from here on out Dj Bandana Black will be releasing a Monthly Buffalo Artist Mixtape series called #IAmBuffalo.

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