A few days ago, I was riding through the "town," as we call it, and I found myself riding in the Broadway-Fillmore District. Now I have ridden down these blocks many times, but this time, it really took a toll on me.

Everywhere I turned, there were abandoned houses, burned houses, half-demolished houses or just blocks with only one or two houses.  Then there are the acres of fields with weeds the height of houses. Seriously, how does that make you feel?

The reality of it is this: When the suburban boom happened, people who owned properties in Broadway-Filmore abandoned the houses for a few reasons, one being that their houses were paid for, so they really had no obliigation to the properties anymore. They felt we were just going to destroy the properties anyway.

Now this urban blighte is our problem, and it will not be fixed unless we fix it. What's so sad is that these dudes are dying for reppin' these blocks. However, for some reason, nobody wants to live for these neighborhoods.

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