If you're ever looking for a weekend getaway Toronto has always been a great location with many things to see and do, and it's just an hour or so away.  Many people after visiting Toronto has called it a mini New York city.

Toronto, is a big and fast paced city emerging to become the center of culture, commerce, and communications in Canada.   With its colorful ethnic mix, rich history, and breathtaking architecture, Toronto is a nonstop adventure for the willing tourist, from the top of the CN Tower to as far as the eye can see.  Toronto offers nightlife like most big cities, but with a mix of different types of deeply rooted music forms and styles.  Toronto offers sightseeing, entertainment and plenty of upscale shopping.  



Toronto is Canada's center for performing arts, including the Canadian Opera Company, the National Ballet of Canada, and the Broadway-caliber theater. The exodus of young Canadian performers to the city also fuels many independent theaters, dance companies, and music venues and performances.


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