Urgent News from Your Life USATODAY... You may have seen...and even purchased "Spice", "K2", or "Mr Nice Guy" at a local Corner or Convenience Store, Smoke Shop, or Tobacco Store.... well, STOP!!!! Here's why:

According to the report @ "Your Life USA TODAY", New York State Health Commissioner, Nirav Shah is warning that this "synthetic marijuana" is potentially DEADLY!  If you're not familiar with the term "synthetic; it simply means "FAKE"!   You'd be better off illegally getting the real stuff and living... or even better yet, going to jail for getting caught with it....rather than dying while consuming this poison which is being sold over the counter.  Ultimately, I don't propose you try or do either the synthetic or the real....just leave it all alone!

But realistically, if you're a "weed head" or know one... be advised about this deadly concoction which is being immediately BANNED IN New York State!  "K2" was actually meant to be sold as an herbal incense... but low and behold, because it looks like marijuana, and comes in cute little drug like packaging, young people have started experimenting and smoking it.  It will get you high because the plant material in the product has chemicals in it that are similar to THC...which is the active ingredient in marijuana.  The difference is that this stuff is sprayed with other chemicals that, when smoked and consumed, cause an increased heart rate, paranoia, agitation, nausea...and in some cases... DEATH!

Sales & distribution have been stopped immediately.

BE WARNED:  Drug Dealers WILL get a hold of this stuff underground and sell it to YOU on the streets and you WILL smoke it and YOU MAY DIE!!!  Time to STOP SMOKING NOW!... The Drug Dealers DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU....they just want YOUR MONEY!

Despite my advise; Will this story prevent people from smoking the real stuff or from buying the "fake" stuff underground?....OR.....Do you think Marijuana should be just be legalized?