Saturday May 12th 2012 7 people were shot on the streets of Buffalo, NY. For Fisk University graduate Samantha Corthan, the shot was fatal. The community is buzzing with talk of stricter punishments for violent criminals claiming the lives of our youth.

Mondays headlines were crowded with stories of the MLK Park shooting that left 4 men and woman wounded. But a less publicized story happened later Saturday night at a Graduation Party on Minnesota Ave.

Samantha Cothran was enjoying her birthday weekend at home on Butler Ave when the shooter open fired at the family BBQ taking place at Martin Luther King park. After hearing the news from an eye witness, her sister, Samantha prayed for the victims with her family. Later that night Samantha was leaving a graduation party on Minnesota, when a gunman opened fired on the house. And just like that, Samantha's life came to an end.

There was so much blood coming out of her. I said, ‘Samantha, wake up, just get up. Let’s go home,’ but she wouldn’t,” Merisha Cothran said.

Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda made a public statement about the shootings. “They are tragic, senseless and cowardly acts,” Derenda said. “We’re working around-the- clock to bring these criminals to justice.”

But exactly what kind of justice is being served?

Samantha’s grandma, blamed the shootings on repeat criminals aka "young thugs" who have no respect for life. “It’s not the fault of the police, but the judges who keep letting these people back out on the streets after they spend a few months in jail. There should be no getting out of jail when they commit crimes like this. They aren’t going to change.”

Do you agree?