One Buffalo bride knew a surefire way to calm any pre-wedding jitters was with a little laughter.

I saw their amazing "first look" photos come across Facebook and reached out to Jackie, the bride.

I mean, look at this.

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The happy couple are Jackie Rocco (DiaPaul) and Tony Rocco. The wedding took place at Alchemy Wine & Beer in Hamburg, and as you can hear Jackie say in the video, the cheeseburger costume cost more than her wedding dress.

It appears the couple has a fantastic sense of humor, with Jackie captioning the cheesy(burgery?) pic:

"I'd do anything to make you smile..even if it means wearing a cheeseburger costume for the "first look" at our wedding."

Jackie says, "We did everything we could to support the community and purchase local." After plans for a larger wedding had to be modified, the venue helped the couple livestream the event for family and friends.

Credit: Jackie Rocco
Credit: Jackie Rocco

I asked...why a burger and not, like a banana?

Jackie: That's funny you should ask. When I talked to my photographer a banana was my initial thought and she thought I was nuts.. but I needed something that wasn't going to screw up my hair.


So I guess there isn't a fun reason for the burger.. but honestly.. you can never go wrong with a good burger.

Honestly Jackie? I can't think of a better reason to dress like a hamburger, it's just a bonus you didn't have to get the thing over your head.

So what did her groom think?

"He told me 'you looked perfect as a burger.. except you had pickles.'"

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