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ash Money member Bow Wow published a series of messages to his Twitter feed last month that had fans concerned if he was thinking about committing suicide. According to reports, during a recent radio interview, Bow Wow addressed his Twitter rant and clarified what he meant stating.

“All I know is the business, I ain’t had time to play football and do the regular stuff. At times it haunts you. Of course you’re going to be unbalanced. How can you have balance in life if you haven’t seen the other side of life? I’m unbalanced because I’ve only seen one side of life. It’s not by choice, but that’s the way it is. I didn’t really mean it like, ‘I’m about to kill myself, but I wonder, ‘When will I get peace? I guess the only way I’ll get it is when I’m dead."'

His Twitter feed was inactive for a while after his rant, and he thanked his fans for supporting him as well as fellow rapper Game, who gave him some advice.

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